Contract us to collect, explore or sample for you

In case of high level of expertise required to access any vertical or subterranean field or to second you, we may be helpfull.


Ex: survey and map, prospect, explore underground locations, facilitate removal of artifacts, etc... 

collecte topographie souterraine, Mexique
Underground mapping, Mexico, Copyright Gustavo Vela Turcott

Ex: geo-referenced basic mapping, GIS survey, sub-meter GPS, total station, laser scanning, drone mapping

Inner glacier circulation, Gorner, Suisse

Ex: various devices (geophone or georadar...), geological sampling, 
hydrologic tracing, strike and dip recording, etc... 

Sizing a landslide, Sechilienne France
Biological survey 
Ex: collecting smaples, interpreting results, and delivering baseline database, etc... 

Exploration cavité glaciaire, suivi hydrologique
Ice caving exploration and hydrological studies, Chamonix, Copyright Cordata

Ex: High res recording, photogrametry, etc...

Video: a mix operational work involving photography and topography in a narrow and toxic environment galery.

Contournement de crue souterraine et photographie, Vercors
Underground flowding capturing, Vercors, Copyright serge CAILLAULT