Cordata: rope access to your data

A five year following scientifics all around the world, from the deep cave to the high summits and anthropic construction, a variety of delicate rope manoeuvers and specific know-how. We provide a large range of expertise in those underground or vertical environmt.

Exploration glaciaire, Chamonix
Ice Caving study, Chamonix, Copyright Alain MAURICE

Integral to our consultancy is to provide tailored methodologies for the collection of database in a difficult terrains.


We are committed to provide our clients with:

Exploration gouffre géant de Papouasie
Caving exploration  Papua New Guinea, Copyright Jean Paul SOUNIER
  • maximum safety in all terrains;

                                                                                   Mines Talca, Mexico

  • leading on a per-case basis by qualified caving or mountainering instructor;
    collecte etude paleontologique ossement de Moa, Nouvelle Zelande
    Paleontology study, Moa skeleton, New Zealand, Copyright Cordata



  • maximizing technical and human requirement;


  • operating at the highest level of scientific integrity and site preservation;

                                                                                     Paleontology, bear skeleton, France